Please Note:


Monday 22nd Aug – Aylesford - 7:30pm – 10pm  

Thursday 25th Burham – Burham - 7:30pm – 10pm  

Monday 29th August –No Class

Thursday 1st September - Burham - 7:30pm – 10pm

 Monday 5th September – No Class

Thursday 8th September – No Class

Monday 12th September – Aylesford - 8pm – 10pm  

Welcome to Medway Lindy Hoppers

We offer a warm welcome to all newcomers at our classes. We run a 'drop in' system as we understand work and other commitments mean people can't come every week, so there is no need to book, or pay in advance. If you miss a class we will warmly welcome you back on your return.


The more classes you attend - the more you'll learn


Find out more about our informal, fun and affordable classes.

Please Note:


Monday 22nd Aug – Aylesford - 7:30pm – 10pm  


Thursday 25th Burham – Burham - 7:30pm – 10pm


Monday 29th August –

No Class


Thursday 1st September - Burham - 7:30pm – 10pm


 Monday 5th September – No Class


Thursday 8th September –

No Class


Monday 12th September – Aylesford - 8pm - 10pm

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Medway Lindy Hoppers